Peter Acampora Bio

Hi and Welcome To My Site

I grew up in a sporting family who taught me to hunt and fish. As a young man I would study the animals I would harvest, and learn how the anatomy related to movement, this was my beginning as a taxidermist in the purest sense of the word.

My personal education as a preparator known today as a taxidermist, as many before me, my journey began as that of a student apprentice.

The 1970’s

As most Museum taxidermists were indoctrinated in to the art in this time honored fashion, I learned the disciplines of body wrapping with straw grade excelsior. I create forms of birds and mammals alike in the pursuit of achieving a knowledge of movement and anatomy. I learned in the early 1970’s to make a variety of molds professionally, and learned to reproduce quality fiberglass fish. Over the years I made or acquired well over 250 molds to choose from, for the anglers or sportsman alike.

The 1980’s

I met my wife Joey in the early 1980’s, an artist in her own right, over the years became my best critic. Mentors and masters alike who shaped a path for my art, giving me the essential direction in honing this wonderful craft. I expected and receiving criticism, and praise along the way.

The 1990’s

I have had the privilege of working on animals, birds and fish from all over the globe, from North America, Africa, Asia, and the exotic species. I enjoyed my trade with great satisfaction for the completion of my customers “trophies.”

The New Millennium

I developed an artificial rock line winning awards for best new products in the taxidermy and landscaping industry, along with artificial trees and driftwood’s. These products have helped complete the life like finish work with innovative habitats that I produce in my taxidermy work today.

Through My Career

My mentors and people I highly respect are among the innovators and cutting edge artists of their time, who helped shape the industry. People like Steve Horn the owner and operator of Jonas Brothers Studio in Mt Vernon, New York, the chief preparatory of the Peabody Museum in New Haven, Connecticut, Ralph Morrill, who was the first of innovators in the development of fiberglass fish and molding with plaster.  Noted taxidermist, sculptor and instructors like Ben Ippolito, whom I have shared a lifetime of friendship with, who has been a “go to” person, whose opinions I have always highly respected. My connection and relationships with the taxidermy industry and sculpting community have afforded me peers like Rick Krane owner of Anglers Artistry in New Hampshire, George Dante owner of Wildlife Preservations in New Jersey & Tom Delfico of Fish Kill New York who I share friendship and a sounding board of knowledge within this circle of world class artists.

Present Day

These days and in the future I am offering full service taxidermy along with sculpting classes in miniature and life-size animals as well as mold preperation. I am also offering classes in all phases of taxidermy. I am always experimenting with new and innovative products with old world technology. Please enjoy my website and contact us with any questions you might have based on your interests or education. I personally look forward to hearing from you.

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