Sculpting Classes

The Art of Sculpting

The definition of sculpture is “the branch of visual arts that operates in 3 dimensions”. The sculptural process leads to complete freedom of materials and time. At Acampora Studios we offer students the possibilities of artistic expression, while learning principles of proportion, as it relates to your individual piece. We strive to provide students with the supplies necessary to use, and teach you how to make tools that produce a certain quality, or look, you may want in the finished piece. Whether you are a beginner or skilled professional, you will find working with clay an exciting and rewarding experience.

The first day of your class will consist of setting up an armature with accurate measurements, making tools, softening the clay and placement of the clay on the armature. The following days of classes will be used to complete the sculpture. The last few hours of the final day will be devoted to the proper way of preparing your sculpture for molding. Check out our pricing page for more details. Should you wish to learn the art of molding the finished product, there will be classes available. The time it takes to mold and the cost will be determined by the size of the sculpture. We are currently offering these classes for all skill levels. Sculpting is fun and creative for all, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


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